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mouna - heart of great(ful)ness is not for everybody.
mouna - heart of great(ful)ness is designed to create space, trust and intimacy. This will help you re-design all key areas of your life.
Connect with like-minded people (you know the saying that you’re the average of the people you surround yourself with) and create relationships for life. But most importantly: Who are you? Who do you want to be? 
Holding each other accountable will encourage you on your journey.
As a Visionary Professional, I'll accompany you personally on this path.

"When one thought ends, right before the next thought begins,
there is a tiny gap called 'now.' Over time we learn to expand that gap."
– Spring Washam



Nobody can hear the voices in your head but you. 

Mouna, in Sanskrit ‘silence’, puts the mind at ease and allows our energies to run in a specified direction. 

Are you living inside a hope of a better tomorrow?

The same old thinking will create the same old results and safety is the enemy of change.

Hope won't help you. 

What matters is why you have not yet achieved what you say you want to achieve.

Does your current life reflect who you want to be?


If your life doesn't change, you have a default future that will occur.

Life can really be amazing. So why not find out what you really, really want - and then create it?

Who do you want to be?  What do you accept no further in your life? What is it that nourishes your soul & your heart?

A door you've never noticed before opens. You live out of your innermost potential and you know:

That, that's me.

Make that small shift & know who you are & what you stand for! 


Your dreams are priceless.

Switch channels, like on the radio. A new frequency, so to speak.

Be curious, feel free, charismatic, authentic, inspired, strong and yes - deeply accessible and open.

This changes your perception and has an immediate, deep impact on your life and on the lives of those around you.

Commit to a process where you imagine & articulate new ways to meet the unknown. Create a set of behaviors & thinking that you choose to consistently indulge in.

Balance your daily life, align your energy & get everything flowing in the same direction!

mouna - heart of great(ful)ness

remember your true nature - emerging from silence

mouna - heart of great(ful)ness interactive online live program is a step by step process to train your mind, body and emotions to create the bliss, peace and freedom you desire. Crystallize in your own mind how your life should look like in 5 years! Or in 10. Or in 20. Know what your intentions are! (Program subject to change depending on client segment, e.g. Masterclass students). 

The vision you paint will enable you to see exactly the sequence of events, to exponential growth and success. 

When you get the passion and the vision for what’s possible, when you get the system and the procedures, and you see how predictably, how pragmatically, how sequentially and how quickly you can do it, your whole mindset is going to change. 

You have to be committed to persistence. Throughout all of this, you have to distinguish yourself and operate at the highest level of ethics, of integrity and of veracity. 

The vision you paint will enable you to see exactly the sequence of events, to exponential growth and success.

Self-study (SS)

In the self-study part with fun and easy to follow step-by-step tools you'll create the basis to shape your future with a courageous openness. As you can start immediately, it's up to you how long it will take you. Just make sure to be ready for the first online LIVE class (LCVP).

Interactive online live classes

  1. Interactive online live classes with your Visionary Professional (LCVP). We will deepen your knowledge, discuss your experiences and do lots of application, implementation and Q&A.
  2. Interactive online live classes with fellow students (LCFS). Deepen your knowledge, discuss your experiences and use tools & exercises. Motivation, application and implementation. These interactive online live classes take place each week when there is no LCVP.
Exchange thoughts, ideas and inspiration in class. Get feedback and motivational inputs.
Unleash the energy to create a life of bliss, contentment and inner peace - the life you've always wanted. 


Week 1
Introduction: Get to know how this program works. I'll give you useful strategies to make sure you'll have the best experience and a lasting impact with the interactive mouna - heart of great(ful)ness online live program. 
LCVP: Introduction & get to know each other 
Week 2 - 4
SS: Stage 1: History & Current State: How did you get here? To move to your desired future, you need to lean into your fear, accept it and from there plan for action & ask what your future needs. 
Week 2: LCFS (First interactive online live classes with fellow students.)
Week 3: LCVP
Week 4: LCFS
Week 5 - 7
SS: Stage 2: Values, Beliefs & Mindset: In 'real life' you're paid for your mind power. Your superpower which is between your ears, called your brain, is your most valuable asset for everything. Experience bliss through heart based mouna living.
Week 5: LCFS
Week 6: LCVP
Week 7: LCFS
Week 8 - 10
SS: Stage 3: Scanning the HorizonThere is a relationship between freedom and our willingness to determine what our future will be. Decide to actively involve yourself in that future. Imagine what you want in your life, clarify why you want it – and outline what you’ll need to do to get it. This goes well beyond simply setting personal goals.  
Week 8: LCFS
Week 9: LCFS
Week 10: LCVP

"I truly believe there is always an alternative to the status quo. The challenge is to find the loopholes in the social system. Having a interactive program like 'mouna - heart of great(ful)ness' at your disposal is a game changer! That's how change happens."

Student, 25

"As an entrepreneur I am very keen on investing into myself, because the more I grow, the more my business can grow! I was walking around with non-supportive thoughts & this mindset hindered me from letting my fire burn! Mouna has the ability to hook someone up like me. She is the one for me, she is the right one for you! Go for it!"

Arash Shahidi

"Because of fear of not fitting in, I always had trouble with making decisions on my behalf. With mouna - heart of great(ful)ness, I learned better techniques for knowing what I actually want in my life, and it's improved my self-esteem immensely."

Nicole Miller

"Kick-In-The-Ass-Coaching to getting rid of unsupportive connections. Result? Freed spirit and avalanches of creative energies. Thank you!"

Dr. Gerhard Fatzer
Owner & CEO at Trias Institute

" 'mouna - heart of great(ful)ness' helped me raise my standards, especially concerning my mindset about how I seemed to appeal to women. Freeing my limiting beliefs helped me increase my self-esteem & gain clarity. Top!"

Patrick Freitag
Senior Projectmanager

"Giving advice is always easy; yet it's difficult to capture all aspects which hold us back. It's a long road to change both, our lives and our habits. Therefore, 'mouna - heart of great(ful)ness' is absolutely fabulous. I couldn't bear to look back in 20 years and ask myself, "What happened to my life?""

W. S.
Student, Waitress

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